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    3. Air Freight

      Logistics Services / Air Freight

      What sets our air freight services apart

      Local experts around the globe help you manage your freight and ensure any problems are resolved in real-time. Leverage our air freight services and gain:

      • Scale to handle your unplanned freight at a moment's notice with more space allotments and negotiating power with the airlines
      • The ease of working with one company for all your logistics needs—including ocean, air, customs brokerage, trade compliance, and surface transportation
      • A connection to the largest North American surface transportation network
      • A dedicated account representative overseeing your entire logistics portfolio
      • A full suite of global logistics services and technology solutions

      All of this with people you can trust to understand your business needs and translate them into solutions.


      • Next Flight Out (NFO)
      • Priority (1-2 days)
      • Premium (2-4 days)
      • Standard (4-7 days)
      • Consolidation
      • Charter/hand carry
      • Heavyweight
      • Cargo insurance


      • PO management (POM)
      • Customs brokerage
      • Trade compliance/classification consulting
      • Hazmat & temp control
      • International & domestic air freight services

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